Merch Bundle

from Zenchant

Comes with:
-One of each pin (red and blue)
-One Print of the artwork
-One "Zenchant Loves You" T-shirt
-A (badly) handwritten letter from me :) hehe
- "The Art of Living" Digital Download
and of course, a "Zenchant" NFT

Pre-order ends 09/29/2021, but if there is enough to order sooner, I will! :)

EVERY MERCH PURCHASE COMES WITH A FREE (environmentally friendly) "Zenchant" NFT! and free stickers!
Step 1: Download a Polygon Wallet

Step 2: Email me proof of purchase, (receipt screenshot, etc), Title it "Free Zenchant NFT" to

Step 3: I will send you the required info to get your NFT into your wallet!

Step 4 (optional): Put your NFT in your collectibles on Audius and show it off to the world!

Sold Out


Zenchant Sacramento, California

From the valleys of Northern California, Zenchant is a project dedicated to the beauty in life.

like you ~

Thank you for being here.

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